What should I do Now

Chinese New Year has been past, this week is a new start, I am trying to find something usefull to be done.
Very eager to study some new knowledge, scan kinds of website, every time I read a strange area which have a little connection with my job or my life, I want to know it more, for the thought of the more I know the more opportunity i own, but recently, for so much thing I want to learn, I am confused by all of this, the time I can focus on one thing become shorter and shorter. What’s wrong with me? I am trying to find an anwser. Three feet of ice doesn’t form in single day, I know this idiom, what a easy phrase to say, I can understand it in so quick a time, but do it hardly.
Throw some stuff I am try to do, focuse on one thing and do it well!
From this weeek, I make myself to stuy on Coursera, total 9 week’s class, hope I can do it well, and never thought any other things not so important.


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