Be happy

Chinese New Year is coming soon, I am happy to waiting the New Years coming. Cause we have 7 days holiday.
The world always try to educate us through some sad news with sad things.
I heart a bad news from my ex-colleague, a 26 year old girl just past away at the night of Monday, this girl was my colleague 6 month ago. We have been worked in different groups in the same company, but honestly I even have no expression for her, other colleague update a Facebook statue for the sad news. I felt so sorry for her, she was so young to past away. The only child of her parent.

For these two days, I think so much about life. Why people die, what’s the meaning of life? Why we can’t just be live in the moment! When I thought all of these, I want to cry, I am trying to find an answer, but no one can gave a help, I sit alone on the chair to listen music in tears.
Enjoy pleasure in good time;enjoy the pleasures of life here and now;enjoy the sweets of life while one is young;make merry while one can;carpe diem;

Bless my friend happy in the heaven!



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