Got a Disease Yesterday

I got a disease which made my abdomen ache for days, i went to see a doctor yesterday and he tell me i got Appendicitis after two check s of my body.    i know and i always know my body have a bad status, for i eat unhealthy, i go to bed so late,  i play computer too much long time, all the bad habit i have, my body give me this alarm, tell me to change it, or i will get a horrible revenge form my body.


Bad habit of eating make me fell uncomfortable these days, I always like buy lunch outside the street, they are cheap and always delicious, but honestly, I know they are mostly not fresh or even unhealthy.The pedals are always Unemployed people or someone who have no ability to find a normal job, they are earn money through make food by themselves and sold them at the roadside. They don’t have a licence of healthy.

Maybe some of them are responsible for the customer, but i know it’s just one comfortable words i said to myself, my expirence tell me  it’s time to end this bad habit to go outside and eat these foods. 

Be healthy be happy,get away from the dirty food outside.




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